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S.O.S. Food Plan



  • Do you want to break out of DIET prison?

  • Do you want to maintain a strong, healthy weight and not fluctuate?

  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by all of the fad diets?

  • Are you ready to troubleshoot food issues and finally find answers?

I started the S.O.S. Food Plan because of my personal struggle with food and feeling like I was always on or off a diet. I was constantly in limbo trying to find the “perfect” diet. News flash: there is no such thing. After heading to treatment for an array of eating and exercise distorters, I came away from that experience with a completely new respect for balanced, sane eating. Years later, the concept of the S.O.S. Food Plan was hatched.

In the past, I found that measuring and weighing my food made me feel crazy. I had to find a way to understand portion sizing without hauling out my scale and looking like a lunatic at the dinner table! The idea of eyeballing amounts of food and using my hand and/or fist for estimated portion sizing worked for me. I liked that it didn’t feel “strict” and it helped me identify proper portions sizing much easier.

The concept of meals being hot, cold, colorful and crunchy was also was a basic tool I used to stop binge over eating, diminish bloating and finally start enjoying meals. Most of the time binges are with foods that have no texture (lacking fiber) and are the color of cardboard (lacking muscle building amino acids and health providing antioxidants). Focusing on foods with natural color and crunch ensures nutrient dense meals that will keep us satiated, strong and happy.

The S.O.S. Food Plan also provides you with practical lifestyle tools helping you tackle all types of emotional situations that can arise when implementing a new food/lifestyle plan. Learn how to not comprise your goals while still participating in life!

My collaboration with Kristen Bell, RD was a no brainer. Her S.O.S. recipes are delicious and her knowledge and application of sports nutrition is incredible. Kristen’s sense of humor and no nonsense, realistic approach to nutrition was the perfect match for the S.O.S. Food Plan philosophy.

Join me and hundreds of others who have found a peaceful balance of sane eating and living lean!

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