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I was introduced to Waff© years ago by my Osteopath, Fabrice Gautier. I began to integrate Waff© into my warmups and workouts and immediately felt a full body connection I had never felt before. The connection my feet felt to the floor when I stepped off the Waff© was solid and balanced, my body felt re-calibrated! I use Waff© with my clients daily and their core connection, stability, proprioception and over all performance has gone through the roof. It's amazing to watch!

Waff© Mini's help accentuate existing exercises and make them more dynamic. They are also excellent for activating and warming up muscle groups before working out or running. Not only does Waff© improve balance, strength, motor control and stability, it also helps you feel more connected from the ground up.

Use a Waff© Mini or Waff© Medium for strength training, conditioning, yoga and/or pilates and fire up muscle stabilizers while reaching max stimulus. When you use a Waff©, you cannot help but to focus on motor function, full body activation and proprioception. Waff© will keep your every day person fit, help elite athletes increase physical preparation, and help older people maintain their vitality. 

Visit to check out all Waff© products. I am sooooo happy to finally offer them to my United States #fitfam as they are already available in Canada, Europe, and Australia! 

Waff Sport Certified

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