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The EXACT Step-by-Step Process for How to Double Your Revenue in the Next 90 Days as Career Personal Trainer with Ashley Borden, Your Fitness Business Expert

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Fitness pros: do these questions sound familiar?

🤔What should I charge?

👀What do I do if someone wants their money back and they already started?

🤔Should I travel with a client?

👀Is training celebrities the ultimate goal?

🤔How do I run the inside of my business?

👀How do I handle an aggressive client?

🤔What do I do if my clients are “running” the sessions?!

👀I feel so burnt out and alone, I need motivation.

🤔I’m underpaid. I attract clients that can’t afford training and want it free or at a huge discount .

👀I don’t know how to talk about money, scheduling, and boundaries with my clients.

🤔Huh? I have no idea how to run an actual business!? I just wanted to help people with their bodies! 

👀If want to expand my business, what should I spend my time and money on?


I totally get it and I got you!

When I was first getting started, there was no place to find the answers to these questions. Everything was cookie cutter and nobody wanted to share their information (I say F THAT!).

After 44,000 hours in the trenches building my successful hybrid in-person and online business, I've put all of my best practices and everything that I wish existed when I got started into Mind Over Muscle and I want to hand all of my tools over to you.

Lets get started!

Mind Over Muscle is my 4 part intuitive and practical business system for personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners.

In Mind Over Muscle I am going to walk you through my signature 4-phase method of how to attract, sign, and manage clients and build a truly successful training business that generates more revenue in less time.

My 4-phase proven system includes: 



What we cover:

1. How to Use Psychology to Get the Best Outcomes for You and Your Clients 
2. How to Cultivate the Best Environment For Results
3. The Art of Reading Clients Quickly
4. Optimal Relationships and Interactions
5. Sexualization Within the Industry
6. Listening Skills
7. Using Routine to Ensure Success
8. In's & Out's of Renewing Sessions
9. The difference between Firing and Quitting
10. Working With High-End Clientele
11. Who Is Your Ideal Client
12. Ideal Client Breakdown For Best Results
13. How to Be Yourself Not Your Client
14. Working with Assistants
15. Traveling and Training


What we cover: 

1. How to Build Your Team
2. Conquering Imposter Syndrome
3. Optimizing Your Training Environment
4. Troubleshooting Communication Around Workouts
5. Setting Career Expectations
6. Using Organization For Best Biz Outcomes
7. The Benefits of Taking Action



What we cover:

1. Self Awareness and Finances
2. Setting Boundaries
3. Targets for Income
4. Closing for Sales
5. How to Use Referrals & Subs
6. In's and Out's of Bartering
7. Business and Financial Protocols
8. Appointments Details
9. Establishing Your Rates
10. Determining Your Services
11. Potential Programs
12. How to Add Value
13. Benefits of Partnering with Other Small Businesses
14. Affiliate Partnerships and How to Use Them
15. Managing Your Money


What we cover:

1. Mindset Around Social Media
2. Picking The Platforms to Be On
3. Building a Bio That Sells
4. Building Your Social Media Page
5. Best Posting Practices
6. Engaging Your Authentic Voice
7. How to Create Authentic Engagement with Your Audience
8. Photo Strategy: What to Take and How to Take Them
9. The Details of Promoting Your Posts
10. Troubleshooting Social Media
11. Verification of Your Account
12. How to Reset and Refocus for Best Results

You don't have to feel stuck, frustrated, and alone in your personal training or fitness business.

Mind Over Muscle will teach you game-changing industry secrets so you can double your income in 90 days while also creating a business that works for YOU.

Registration is open at $200 OFF for webinar registrants only until Monday May 1st at midnight PST.

Enroll Now- $997
Finance your investment (3 payments of $399)

How Exactly Does Mind Over Muscle Work?

This course includes a combination of live educational sessions with me plus lifetime access to my exclusive resource guides for all of the 4 phases that you need in order to build your profitable fitness business.

Each week, for 8 weeks, we will meet live as a group to learn and integrate all the key business building non negotiable steps.

I will be walking you through each module step by step, so that you are not only learning but implementing in real time.

Live educational sessions will be held every Monday at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST.

Each session will be recorded and uploaded into the Mind Over Muscle educational portal after the fact.

As a member of the Mind Over Muscle course, you will have LIFETIME access to all resources, trainings, guides, templates and protocols.

The content within Mind Over Muscle is worth over $10,000.

This is the exact course I wish existed when I was first starting out.

Hi I'm your coach, Ashley

I have spent more than 44,000 hours in the trenches working with everyone from A-list celebs, rock stars, porn stars, CEO's pro athletes and Royalty, to the every day person who just wants to get fit and stay healthy.

Over the course of decades in the fitness industry, I've built a multiple 7 figure training business on my own terms.

Now I'm helping you to to stop charging pennies, stop letting clients and scarcity run your life, and finally charge what you are worth without working yourself into the ground.

You can create the business and life that works for you, and that you absolutely love.

Let's do this and look forward to working together!

Stop trying to DIY your business and finally get the help you need to skyrocket your revenue in less time.

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Enroll Now- $997
Finance your investment (3 payments of $399)

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The Results You Can Expect From Mind Over Muscle

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Enroll Now- $997
Finance your investment (3 payments of $399)