Our most premium, high touch training group offered.

16 Weeks | 5x World Class curated training sessions and up close and personal coaching that has never been available before with Ashley and Lisa


This opportunity is NOT for everyone. We are only looking for people who are ready to make a massive transformation and are ready to put in the commitment.

In 16 weeks you will see major fat loss, incredible strength gains, body-re composition, and finally move and look like the athlete that's always been there.


Application only, high touch training container.

This will be a significant investment and a serious time commitment for 16 weeks.


We start kicking ass APRIL 24th

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Hi! We are your coaches, Ashley Borden and Lisa Maximus.


We have over 70,000 hours of hands on coaching and personal training experience.

[testimonials of past participants of Protocol groups and clients]



"Ashley, you are the best trainer in LA. I don't think I have ever felt better or been in better shape"

- Rebecca M.

"I have loved sticking to a specific program with a focus on a specific goal!"

Erika W.

 "Lisa's coaching had changed how I approach my workouts. I'm a strong b*tch now (excuse the language)"

- Natalie K.

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Limited people per group to keep the focus on YOU and your goals.

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