TITAN FITNESS Hex Bar for Olympic Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding, Barbell Accessories, 2"



  • HELPS WITH PROPER FORM: Perhaps more important than the weights you're lifting is your form and technique. Proper form ensures that you don't strain any muscles or hurt yourself. It also helps build your muscles more quickly. Our trap bar is designed to help you accurately perform deadlifts, bent over rows, squat jumps, and more without hurting yourself.
  • DUAL-KNURLED HANDLES: Working out means working up a sweat. Perspiration can make it hard to get a firm grip on your equipment. Fortunately, our hex bar features knurled handles that are designed to give you a sturdy grip. Don't worry about this trap bar slipping out of your hands. The grooves of these dual-knurled handles help you securely hold the bar in place.
  • ISOLATE MUSCLE GROUPS: When you're lifting weights, you'll want to focus on one set of muscles at a time. This hexagonal trap bar helps you isolate muscle groups, so you can tone and tighten specific parts of your body. Use this bar to isolate your abdominals, glutes, legs, and arms. In no time, you'll be bulked up.
  • STRONG, STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Our hex bar is made out of durable, heavy-duty steel. This high-quality material ensures that your trap bar will last you a lifetime. It will make an excellent addition to any home gym.
  • DIMENSIONS: This hex bar has an overall length of 56". The handles have a distance of 24.5" between them. Each sleeve will have a loadable length of 9.75". The bar itself weighs about 44 lbs. and can support a weight capacity of 500 lbs. This hex bar is made to fit 2-inch Olympic plates. It does not come with the spring collars in the picture.

Publisher: Titan Fitness

Details: Real muscle growth happens when you combine proper form with lifting progressively heavier weights. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve the right form when you're alone or don't have a trainer to guide you. At Titan Fitness, we want to help you safely get your dream body. Our hex bar is designed to correct your form as you perform deadlifts, bent over rows, squat jumps, and more. Plus, the hex bar gives you the opportunity to do a wider range of exercises. For instance, you can do trap bar push-ups, helping you build your core. With proper form, you reduce the risk of straining, pulling, or hurting your muscles, so you can enjoy optimal health.

Part of what makes our trap bar so effective is its dual-knurled handles. The knurled texture of the handles gives you a firm, sturdy grip as you lift your weights. Your hands may get sweaty as you're lifting, but the grooves of the knurling will help you hold tight to the bar. The handles also have an easy flip design. To switch grips, just turn the bar over. It's that simple! This hex bar is crafted from an all-steel construction, so it should last you for years to come. It also has a chrome finish for an attractive appearance. This bar has an overall length of 56" with the handles having a distance of 24.5" between them. Each sleeve will have a loadable length of 9.75". The bar weighs approximately 44 lbs. It supports 2-inch Olympic plates and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. This hex bar will make the perfect addition to your home gym, so you can get swole in the comfort of your own house. Add it to your fitness gear today.

- Overall length: 56"
- Sleeve Length: 9.75"
- Handle to Handle: 24.5"
- Weight Capacity: 500 LB
- Weight: 44 LB

***Does not come with spring collars as shown in photo.***

UPC: 49008266926

EAN: 49008266926

Package Dimensions: 57.0 x 24.0 x 6.0 inches

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