“I started training with Ashley Borden to get toned for my wedding. I wanted to look beautiful in my dress, but I also wanted to get in shape for my honeymoon! Working with Ashley has been such a fitness breakthrough for me. She intrinsically knows exactly how my body needs to be trained for me to look and feel my best. I saw instant results within a week of working with her and now after over a year of working with Ashley, I have a completely different body. Ashley is constantly researching and coming up with the best new ways of getting and staying fit. She gives very good direction during every exercise; basically fine tuning my posture, leaning out my muscles, with a very unique personalized program for each client. Love you Ash, I’m really grateful to you for how much strength and power you add to my life. ” Natasha Bedingfield Singer/Songwriter

“Not only has Ashley single-handedly changed my body, but she has also reshaped my whole approach to fitness. I had zero coordination or balance when I first started training two years ago. Her system actually makes me want to go the gym! I feel stronger, taller, leaner and most importantly, I feel like I understand my body.” Mandy Moore Actress/Singer

“Top body Guru.” C Magazine

“Borden will come to your house, toss out your Twinkies and get you ripped” LA Magazine

“Ashley Borden’s exercise and food program have changed my life. My body is a completely different shape. I have lost the last five pounds and kept it off. My relationship with food is healthy and clear. She has helped me build a strong foundation to be able to do whatever i want, be it long runs, steep hikes, ultimate frisbee, having a hamburger and a beer. We have a lot of fun and I have a lot of respect for her because I have always felt a great respect from her. She took me and my goals seriously. She paid attention. She is the real deal.”  Marguerite Moreau Actress

“Ashley Borden has whipped some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood into shape. Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Lauren Graham and Annabeth Gish can all thank Borden for their well-toned midriffs, buffed arms and rock hard thighs.”  Muscle & Fitness Hers

“Summon every last bit of drive you have and follow Los Angeles trainer Ashley Borden’s very doable plan to revamp your eating and lifestyle habits and kick-start your body into its best shape ever. The genius of Borden’s approach? It’s gradual buildup. In fact, at first glance, it almost seems too easy!” Shape Magazine

“Borden, for her part, makes things lively, mixing trainer mumbo jumbo (“myofascia release”) with plenty of one-liners. By the end you’ll want her by your side 24/7.”  Departures Magazine

“A physical trainer to celebrities, sit-up challenged soccer moms, and veterans looking to improve their personal bests, Borden also designs programs for Nike.”  Los Angeles Magazine

“Like an alchemist, this fitness guru to the stars has found the formula for turning an interest in health into professional gold. Her accomplishments provide inspiration and a blueprint for other trainers seeking to parlay fitness into a full time career.” Los Angeles Times

“Ashley Borden: The name is synonymous with physical performance results, and advanced body transformation.” Bodybuilding.com

“Acclaimed celebrity trainer with years of proven success.” Examiner.com

“A Wise cracking, dirty talking nice Jewish girl from L.A.” Fashion Magazine Canada

“I have lost 42 lbs and a total of 46 3/4 inches off my body since meeting ashley in 2010. When we met i was 173 lbs and struggling with yo yo dieting and had a significant problem with my lower back. Ashley was confident, non judgmental, and positive from the get go. I’m now 131 lbs have no back problems and feel happy, healthy, confident and relaxed! Most importantly, I feel completely in control of my weight and health and no longer feel anxious around food knowing that I have the tools to handle any situation without reverting to my previous bad habits. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Samantha White

“Over the past seven years since getting married my weight increased an astonishing 95 pounds, I found myself at the heaviest I had ever been. Weighing in at 235 pounds, I went from a size 7/8 to a size 18/20. I struggled with severe body-image issues and stopped looking in the mirror 2 years ago. It was time for action. I met Ashley in September 2006 and my life changed forever. Ashley’s approach is not just a diet, it’s a complete healthy lifestyle. With Ashley’s S.O.S. (satiation of the senses) Plan in just 6 months I lost 85 pounds! I’m no longer focused on the negative aspects of my body and I don’t obsess about my weight anymore. Along with Ashley’s teaching came her constant support and because of that I’ve completely turned my life around, I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. I thank you for saving my life!” Cyndi, Palm Springs, CA
Tyra Banks Show guest who had a life intervention with Ashley

“I have been training with Ashley since August 2005. She keeps me positive and motivated with our weekly sessions. Like many people, I have problems with food. I have an addiction to sugar. Ashley put me on her S.O.S. Food Plan. Within 2 weeks I have been able to take control of my cravings for sugar. She is the best.”  Michelle Rossfeld Chicago Based Personal Trainer

“Ashley’s philosophies and training have kept me motivated in both my workouts and in life. Her style of training is very informative, creative and fun, which keeps me motivated towards a healthy lifestyle. She has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to all types of workouts: pilates, kick boxing, core training, weight training, yoga, etc. To top it off, she keeps me laughing with all her “Ashisms”, “chicken wing’s”, “stripper pose” and some I can’t say.” Lori Nelson Entertainment Marketing Executive

“When I approached Ashley Borden I was already an accomplished trainer with a thriving practice; however, I felt that I was ready to take my business to the next level and make my mark on the fitness industry. I found her insight to be invaluable. Ashley’s advice helped me focus my ideas and assemble them into a working business strategy. She then directed me to people who could help me implement my ideas and guide me down my career path. Regardless of where you are in your business or where you want to go with it, Ashley can help you achieve the success you seek.” Brian Redfern CPT–SFS, CES, Personal Trainer

“In the last 8 months training with Ashley has been mind as well as body transforming! Ash has great energy, humor and generosity. She has a knack for understanding her client’s goals. At the risk of sounding fanatic, I am truly grateful to her for being so motivational. It’s easier to float through the chaos of my day because I feel so much healthier.” Geemee Chung MD

“After years of triathlon training and miss-training that brought me to 5th in the world, I ended up with major complications throughout my body. The work I have done with Ashley Borden has been invaluable to my recovery. I must also admit that her food plan has left me wondering if she has secretly tapped the fountain of youth?” Michael Muller Photographer

“I am a professional Canadian athlete with 20 years of experience in the martial arts and physical pain became part of my daily life! When I first met Ashley I was 3 months post surgery after an Achilles rupture and freshly off crutches. I was looking for a trainer who had an overall healthy outlook towards fitness and nutrition to help me get back on track with my goals. I have trained with many trainers in both Canada and the United States, and if there is one thing I am so grateful for it’s that I am able to train pain free everyday. I was able to regain my coordination and balance in 2 weeks because of her method of training. Ashley is definitely one of the best. She is detail-oriented, extremely knowledgeable and really listens to her clients needs. She is one of the kindest, most down to earth people I have ever met. It’s a great honor to work with her.” Tamara De La GuerraProfessional Athlete, 4th degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate

“Ashley has and continues to be a positive influence in my life on many levels. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to be trained by Ashley, as well as co-manage personal retreats and teach classes together. Ashley’s experience and knowledge are second to none; she has helped me further develop my understanding of biomechanics and functional training. I trust her with my most elite athletes. Personally, she has helped me set and attain physical, mental and financial goals. Her systems and teachings have facilitated my recovery from old football injuries in college. In the first month training with Ashley I progressed more than multiple years of rehab after my original injuries. I have used the principles from her S.O.S Food Plan to improve my nutrition and have seen tremendous results. I am in the best shape of my life.” Justin Hagen Personal Trainer

“I’ve been training and working out for many years. About a year ago, I became less motivated and noticed I had gained a few pounds. I felt I was uninspired with my usual routine and my body was stuck. I started training with Ashley and talk about being motivated and inspired! Not only has her technique healed my minor aches and pains, but the dietary adjustments and varied workouts have completely changed my body. I’ve lost 12 lbs and inches from my whole body. I didn’t even know I had 12 lbs to lose. I feel great and have never looked better. Thanks for all your support Ash!!” Diane Medak Fashion Designer

“I have been training with Ashley consistently for 8 years now. It’s safe to say, my body would fall apart without her.” Wendy Alexander Artist

“I first met Ashley in 2006. I wanted to look my best for my wedding and a friend recommended her highly. She transformed my body in a short 2 months. I hadn’t been so thin since college! Ashley was knowledgeable and energetic and fun and her workouts and eating plan really worked. I continued to work with Ashley after my honeymoon but got pregnant much faster than expected and before I knew it a few years passed without Ashley in my life. When I was 10 weeks pregnant with my second son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to endure 7.5 months of chemo followed by radiation, a double mastectomy and happily, a c-section. I wasn’t able to exercise for 6 months due to fatigue and surgery. Once treatment ended and I was able to exercise again, I was cautioned by doctors not to do too much because I could get lymphedema (permanent swelling) in my left arm where lymph nodes were removed. I called Ashley pretty despondent and was just hoping to learn some exercises I could do at home. Ashley was amazing. She suggested that I start rebounding (jumping on a small trampoline) and provided me with several articles about its benefits on the immune system. She refused to believe that I shouldn’t exercise to my fullest ability. I am now stronger, healthier and thinner than I’ve been in my whole life. Most importantly, I feel great. Ashley truly has changed my life and my body. Ashley’s sense of humor and positive attitude are infectious. She refuses to allow me to say the word “can’t” or to criticize my body. She’s also become a cherished friend. I can’t recommend her more highly and can’t say enough good things about her. She is a beautiful, sparkling woman who is a joy to be with, incredibly knowledgeable about all things fitness and health related and will change your body for the better, guaranteed.” Sharon Fiedler Shimanovsky Cancer Survivor & Real Estate Broker

“When I train with Ashley the time flies by, because I laugh my way through our workout – she is one of a kind. Ashley has given me a new understanding of my muscles, my body and my potential.” Kent King Actress (General Hospital)

“I am really enjoying the S.O.S. Food Plan. I lost nearly 6.6 lbs in my first week on this plan…Brilliant! I am a fairly fit, healthy person and an RPM and Group Fitness Instructor. Not being overweight to start with, it can be hard sometimes to shed a few pounds for just the want of looking a little better. I am not stressed about food anymore, and I am not depriving myself of anything. Please pass my thanks to Ashley!” Kacey Huybens Australian Group Fitness Instructor

“Ashley has changed my body shape so much that I am always being asked where and with whom do I work out. Her demeanor- her knowledge – her personality and her wonderful smile make it all worth it when the alarm goes off at 6a.m.” Sally H.Sexy and over 60!