Where to start on your bellicon if you are new to exercise?
No matter your age or physical condition, it’s easiest to start on the bellicon with small bounces. It’s best to do this barefoot since it exercises your foot and ankle muscles better, and helps your feet grip the mat. Note: Your feet do not have to leave the mat for a good workout! Exert just enough force with your legs so that the bungees lift you back up to the point where your feet are still touching the mat, but not pushing it down.

Should I wear shoes?
Bouncing is most effective with bare feet. This forces the muscles in the feet and ankles to do their part, too, instead of just being along for the ride. It does demand more of you when you first start using the bellicon, but don’t worry – In no time you will master it.

What is the weight limit of a person on the bellicon?
Bellicons are for everyBODY. Bungees can hold up to 400lbs. I want to rebound, but I have bad balance /don’t feel safe rebounding yet. Sold separately, and compatible with each size bellicon, solid support hand bars can also be used for rehabilitation and for those who have balance issues. Mentally and physically handicapped people can hold on to the support hand bars and experience great joy when bouncing.

How will my body feel on the bellicon?

The effect is similar to water, but more comfortable. When you reach the top of your bounce, and that brief moment of weightlessness, you can forget all those extra pounds and their burden on you. After your workout, you feel refreshed, strengthened, and revitalized.