$500.00 USD

Full Body Master Assessment + Personalized Program Assignment

I'll help you stop feeling lost and confused with what to do for YOU and YOUR body so you can train effectively and efficiently based on your goals and needs.

We'll work easily online (yes, I'm a wizard at cueing you online and you feeling like we're in the room together- not to worry) to identify any muscle weaknesses, fix nagging movement form, fine tune what you're doing right and then match you with the right full, comprehensive training program for you and goals, level and time commitment.

This master session is for you if:

  • You've felt totally frustrated in classes and being on your own because you keep getting injured and need some personalized attention!
  • You don't want the full commitment of ongoing personal training, but want the expertise of a seasoned professional to help you immediately and give you tangible solutions.
  • You have never had the FULL ON attention of an expert helping you with every single movement, and explaining things in a way YOU UNDERSTAND IMMEDIATELY, this is for you.
  • After our session I'll choose the right training program for you, your level, your goals and equipment.

You'll walk away from this hour with a better understanding of your body, what to do and how to fix your form more than anything you've ever invested in before...it's kinda a no brainer. 🤩

I 100% *money back guarantee it.



(*If, after our session, you feel like you have learned nothing about your body and have wasted your time- I'll give you all of your money back.)