say goodbye to the bullshit fitness and nutrition hamster wheel and say hello to Your Strongest Self with ELiTE

START DATE 4/24/23

(doors close for registration 4/19/23)

Transform Me Now

Transform Your Body and Mindset in 2023 with Our Revolutionary Approach to Fitness


Say goodbye to soul-crushing workouts and deprivation, and hello to smart strategies and expert coaching that guarantee permanent results.

Unleash your true potential and experience a new level of strength and confidence like never before with ELiTE's transformational program.

Here’s the thing ...

You’re here because you’ve worked out in the past, you’ve purchased fitness programs with good intentions, maybe you’ve seen minor body changes and created some good habits?


You’re hitting plateaus or maybe frustrated because your fitness dial isn’t moving AT ALL. You know you need access to next-level coaching and programming to get your body and mindset on a PERMANENT track.

You have the desire to change, but you need direction, level appropriate programming, and World Class coaching to CATAPULT your physique and strength to the next level.


Your fitness progress is not *exactly* where you want it to be.

Either you’re stuck or have hit a plateau that you haven’t been able to get passed ... OR your cherry picking workouts and going through the motions, only to never see anything work.

You’ve invested time and money with coaches, apps and classes, but you’ve reached a point where you’ve burnt out on “doing it yourself” workouts.

Maybe you think if you just keep eating less and doing more you’ll get results?

Well, we’re here to tell you, from experience, that it doesn’t work that way.


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Transform Your Body and Mind with ELiTE's Comprehensive 4 Pillar Method

The Power of Purposeful Training with ELiTE's Science-Based Approach


Our Proven System covers everything from proper reps and set schemes to executing perfect form while learning how to safely tap into YOUR training intensity. YOU'LL TRIPLE YOUR STRENGTH and finally create the strong physique you've always wanted.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, ELiTE is perfect for any gym setting or well equipped home/garage gym.

Trust your Coach's REAL-LIFE experience, not social media numbers


Work with two World Class coaches who know how to create gains, NOT INJURIES. Get personalized mobility, strengthening, and recovery coaching with your UNIQUE 1:1 introductory movement screening and correction session with Ashley and Lisa, you'll accelerate your progress and feel connected to your body like never before.

Become one of our limited 20 athletes to receive RELENTLESS support in smashing your goals and never getting back on the fitness hamster wheel again.

Experience Sane Eating, Energy and De-puffing with The S.O.S. Food Plan


Packed with over 50 delicious recipes, grocery lists, weekly food plans and practical solutions for real-life food situations. The S.O.S. Food Plan is co-written with a Registered Dietitian and is a more than just a food plan - it teaches you how to eat, stop sugar cravings, remove guilt, satiate binge overeating and fuel yourself.

Plus, with hand and fist sizing of foods, you'll have portion concept without feeling deprivation.

Develop a Bulletproof Mindset


We know from experience the ramp up to any of our programs is always high energy and a kick ass start!  A couple days in, the old self sabotaging voices want to come back and take over.

This time things will be DIFFERENT. You're creating a “New You” mindset as we build and strengthen your body.

Rewiring the brain with new mantras and actions for different outcomes.

Imagine if...

you could achieve your dream physique and unshakable confidence without working like a crazed maniac. How about a STRUCTURED program that guarantees your success? No more spinning on the fitness hamster wheel or battling the food dragon.

Instead, you'll build a STABLE, strong physique and view food as fuel, not the enemy. Say goodbye to sugar cravings and hello to a new-found strength and confidence that will make you feel UNSTOPPABLE.

Join ELiTE now and make your dream a reality.

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Your ELiTE Coaches

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ASHLEY BORDEN, CPT is an internationally recognized, award winning, fitness, lifestyle and transformation expert with decades of experience. She's been seen on multiple seasons of Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Today Show and more. She's an award winning fitness program developer, published author, media expert and master personal trainer. Ashley has a proven track record and trust of all types of clientele; from mega pop and rock stars, Academy Award winners and Professional Athletes to everyone in between. With decades of experience, Ashley has been named, "The body magician."

LISA MAXIMUS, CPT is the current, 2023 (and multiple time) World Champion Powerlifter. She has over 15 years of experience of getting people STRONG as F. She's a highly respected, peer recognized expert in strength programming for women, and has a reputation of getting epic results. Lisa is a proud mom with an expertise in pre and post natal training, nutrition and changing your mind.

We'll Let Our Athletes Speak for Themselves

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A 4 month program for motivated, action oriented people ready to level up their body and mindset.




[Month 1] is about establishing your fitness baseline and connecting to your core. You will our strengths and addressing your movement pattern weaknesses. This is your starting point that we'll build upon over the next 4 months.

You'll be learning all about engaging your core, how to breathe and brace, and how to approach and move weight safely in the gym.




[Month 2] we'll be implementing new movements to help correct any imbalances. You'll begin to feel the strength shift and improve overall movement patterns and body balance.

This is where it all comes together.




[Month 3] is about integrating conditioning and advancing your movements. We'll be pushing your cardio output, and challenging your strength capacity.

Month 3 you'll be feeling like a boss in the gym and TRUST YOURSELF to show up and dominate.




[Month 4] is about testing your improved strength, comparing to month 1 and pushing your personal limits! We DIAL IN your mindset around food, your lifts and conditioning. Your entire body will feel STRONG and CAPABLE (not to mention looking like a athlete!)

You'll be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue progressing with your goals and fitness well beyond ELiTE!

Discover the Ultimate ELiTE Experience with These Key Benefits

WEEKLY live team calls with Ashley and Lisa ($16,000 Value)


These are massively beneficial to your success with ELiTE!

We connect weekly, face to face and we’ll review the upcoming week’s workouts, cover movement optimizations while weaving in applicable mindset techniques. We’ve found this is where the team gets a lot of VALUE as we answer any and all of your questions, we stay on til every question is answered. Team meetings are always on replay if you miss it live.

This is where:

  • We cover movement form and modifications for each move on your workout that week.
  • If you want to share your food wins or struggles that week, or anything you would like our 2 cents on if you feel like your food is off, you’re not fueled enough for workouts etc. 
  • Make any announcements relating to our live calls, live pop up online events, (if you’re interested) and more.
  • Facilitate connecting between all of YOU! With our intimate sized training pods, we’re freakin’ pumped to work with the energy of each of you as you continue to grow and challenge yourselves within this group.

MONTHLY personal 1:1 coaching calls with Ashley and Lisa ($4,000 Value)


This is, by far, the most EPIC value to the program, and the most impactful. You have access to schedule your private sessions with each coach, individually, every month. These 20-30 minute sessions will MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. We have the gift of fixing movement and knowing what you need to strengthen and snatch your body. Along with your weekly training, these 1:1 sessions are invaluable.

For Example:

  • If push ups are causing shoulder pain, we would break down the movement, look at your hand placement, analyze is your scapula winging? Is your shoulder protracting? Is your core not engaged? We can fix you IMMEDIATELY.
  • Or for instance, if you suffer from knee pain, we’ll breakdown mobility issues, watch your movements, identify inter muscular coordination issues, tracking and muscle tightness. Then we prescribe the appropriate modifications and body homework to address the issue.

If you’ve had a previous injury and feel nervous with specific movements or avoided them in the past. We’ll carefully and thoroughly assess the move that may be contributing to your pain, and give you a smart, CUSTOMIZED plan of action.

Additional Support to Help You Succeed

Clear, concise, “how to” videos accompanying your curated workouts ($1200 Value)

We’re all about practicality and ease. We embed the video next to each move for that day.

Each video gives World Class expert cueing and modifications where needed. A crucial support tool!

Access to a closed private Facebook community

($6,000 Value)

This is where you’ll post your videos of movement to receive immediate, mini form fixes by Ashley and Lisa. This is also a critical element to your body shifting as it’s a daily form of support, accountability and form fix. You’ll connect with other like-minded members, share any struggles and let us celebrate your wins!
We keep it private so you feel safe to post your videos and ask questions in a judgment free zone.

Friendships and support beyond the 16 weeks. (PRICELESS)

We’ve found so many of our members keep their connections and continue to support one another as your training momentum is contagious! People who’re working towards the same goals as you and have lifetime access to the ELiTE curriculum to use over and over again.

The genius of this 16 week program is you never hit a plateau and can use it continuously. Always getting stronger.

World Class Coaching Support Value = $20,000

Additional Support Value = $7,200



YOUR COST = $3,500
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[you have option to split your investment into monthly payments, check it out below]


We're only looking for 20 people ready to make a MASSIVE transformation and are ready to put in the commitment. In 16 weeks you'll see MAJOR fat loss, incredible STRENGTH GAINS. full body re-composition and finally move and look like the athlete that's always been there.

🔥80 level appropriate workouts programmed to get you strong AF | 🔥MONTHLY private coaching and continued movement screening + individual fix it plans with Ashley AND Lisa | 🔥UNLIMITED, movement feedback on your videos posted in private Facebook group | 🔥WEEKLY team Zoom calls previewing the entire upcoming week + nutrition guidance | 🔥Pop up live CORE BRACING and FOAM ROLLING classes|🔥LIFETIME access to the entire 16 week ELiTE program + everything is recorded for convenient access.

I'm Ready!

Take fast, decisive action
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We’re laying out the red carpet for you to do dumbbell walking lunges and join today

Investment Options

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1x Time Investment

  • $875 mo.|$218.75 wk|$43.75 per wkout
  • 16 Weeks | 5x Week
  • Access to Ashley and Lisa with 1:1 coaching, monthly
  • Level Appropriate training program
  • Private Facebook Group where you post your videos and get immediate coaching feedback
  • How to videos that are actually helpful and easy to understand
  • S.O.S. Food Plan (anti-inflammatory, sugar habit breaking, Dietitian approved )



3x Monthly Investments

  •  $1,216 mo.|$304.00 wk|$60.00 per wkout
  • 16 Weeks | 5x Week
  • Access to Ashley and Lisa with 1:1 coaching, monthly
  • Level Appropriate training program
  • Private Facebook Group where you post your videos and get immediate coaching feedback
  • How to videos that are actually helpful and easy to understand
  • S.O.S. Food Plan (anti-inflammatory, sugar habit breaking, Dietitian approved)

We guarantee you'll triple your strength, bulletproof your core and develop the strongest, most capable physique you've ever had.


How does the money back guarantee work?

If, after 14 days you don’t feel like this is the right program for you, you'll receive your full money back guaranteed- no questions asked.

Or, if at the end of the 16 weeks, you STILL feel no value and you can show proof of every team call attendance, completion of all workouts, and you've posted your videos in the group- we'll refund your full money back.