COOL VEST Breathable Weighted Vest (Short) - 9.5 lbs Included

Brand: Ironwear


  • 9.5 lbs Total Weight Included
  • Lose weight faster
  • Burn more calories per workout
  • One size fits all & adjustable in weight
  • Simple to use

Publisher: Ironwear

Details: Please do not be fooled by cheap knockoffs of this product now coming out of China and being sold by companies like SKLZ. Ironwear® invented the Cool Vest®, the overlapping belting system, the internal pocket system and all the other great features of this vest. The real Ironwear® COOL VEST® is made in the USA and includes Ironwear'®'s wonderful soft expensive high tech Flex-Metal weights, real 3m reflecitives in front and back and edge locks to keep the vest from shifting under the belts during rigorous exercise. The Cool VestTM is all about safety and comfort and combines the best features of an over your head vest and a zipper up vest. The zipper front makes it easy to take the vest on and off without lifting it over your head or getting caught in your hair, while the front attaching belts make it easy to quickly readjust the fit of the vest at any time. The real Cool Vest® is made of woven large pore silver mesh to reflect the sun and to allow air to flow through it easily to keep you cool. This is a high quality vest made in the USA with a Lifetime warranty and USA customer service.

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