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Hot at Home Bundle


Hot at Home is a four-part training series that builds on itself to help you become the best athlete you can be all from home with limited equipment. There are no outside components.  It is all done indoor. Each series is 12 weeks with 3 hour long workouts per week.

Hot at Home 1.0: Simple enough for the beginner, challenging enough for the regular.

  • Establish foundation of movement patterns and requisite strength.
  • Begin building aerobic and work capacity.
  • Develop true core strength in 3-four week cycles: weeks 1-4 core isolation; weeks 5-8 core stabilization; weeks 9-12 core integration.

Hot at Home 2.0: Intermediate

  • Continue developing strength and work capacity.
  • Introduce tempo to solidify better movement patterns.
  • Incorporate compound movements for added neuromuscular challenge and energy output.

Hot at Home 3.0: Advanced

  • Diversify workout structures.
  • Introduce MetCons with varying time domains and more dynamic structures.
  • Add complexity to movement patterns with unilateral and asymmetric weight loading (shoulder and waist height)

Hot at Home 4.0: Advanced

  • Continue to diversify workout structures.
  • Add increased complexity to movements for stronger core with unilateral movements/asymmetric weight load (shoulder/overhead height).
  • Vary workout volume and push lactic threshold.


Equipment needed:

  • Flat bench
  • 3 sets of dumbbells:
    Light: women (3-5 lbs); men (5-8 lbs)
    Medium: women (8-12 lbs); men (15-20 lbs)
    Heavy: women (20-25 lbs); men (30-45 lbs)
  • Full length foam roller

*Individual specifics for individual pages*

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