Editorial Testimonials

“Top body Guru.” C Magazine

“Borden will come to your house, toss out your Twinkies and get you ripped” LA Magazine

“Ashley Borden has whipped some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood into shape. Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Lauren Graham and Annabeth Gish can all thank Borden for their well-toned midriffs, buffed arms and rock hard thighs.” Muscle & Fitness Hers

“Summon every last bit of drive you have and follow Los Angeles trainer Ashley Borden’s very doable plan to revamp your eating and lifestyle habits and kick-start your body into its best shape ever. The genius of Borden’s approach? It’s gradual buildup. In fact, at first glance, it almost seems too easy!” Shape Magazine

“Borden, for her part, makes things lively, mixing trainer mumbo jumbo (“myofascia release”) with plenty of one-liners. By the end you’ll want her by your side 24/7.” 
Departures Magazine

“A physical trainer to celebrities, sit-up challenged soccer moms, and veterans looking to improve their personal bests, Borden also designs programs for Nike.” 
Los Angeles Magazine

“Like an alchemist, this fitness guru to the stars has found the formula for turning an interest in health into professional gold. Her accomplishments provide inspiration and a blueprint for other trainers seeking to parlay fitness into a full time career.” Los Angeles Times

“Ashley Borden: The name is synonymous with physical performance results, and advanced body transformation.” Bodybuilding.com

“Acclaimed celebrity trainer with years of proven success.” Examiner.com

“A Wise cracking, dirty talking nice Jewish girl from L.A.” Fashion Magazine Canada