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Join your World Class coaches, Ashley Borden and Lisa Maximus who will walk you through daily workouts, form cues and TANGIBLE results you’ll see in just 5 days.


Spots are VERY limited since Ashley and Lisa will be coaching you directly.

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Who are we?

ASHLEY BORDEN, CPT is an internationally recognized, award winning, fitness, lifestyle and transformation expert. She's been seen on Revenge Body, The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Today Show and more. She's a published author, media expert and master personal trainer. Ashley has a proven track record and trust of all types of clientele; from mega pop and rock stars, Academy Award winners and Professional Athletes to everyone in between. With decades of experience, Ashley has been named, "The body magician."

LISA MAXIMUS, CPT is the current, 2023 (and multiple time) World Champion Powerlifter. She has over 15 years of experience of getting people STRONG as F. She's a highly respected, peer recognized expert in strength programming for women, and has a reputation of getting epic results. Lisa is a proud mom with an expertise in pre and post natal training, nutrition and changing your mind.

Supercharge Your Motivation

Get consistent and follow through on 5 days of EFFECTIVE workouts that will break your plateau and challenge your body in new ways, to help it start responding again.

Get coached by Lisa and Ashley directly

Feel the difference between the loneliness of an app vs. online, detailed cueing from World Class coaches.

Build momentum you’ll keep up long after the challenge is over

Lisa and Ashley are delivering challenging workouts you can adjust for your fitness level, and hold yourself accountable.

De-bloat with appropriate nutrition pre-workout/post-workout and beyond

Troubleshoot your food and eating habits and immediately feel less bloated and have more energy.

5 Days Of Fitness First is 💯 free.

Like so many, maybe you're struggling with accountability? Maybe you want to supercharge your body but are overwhelmed by the overload of fitness offers all over the internet.


We want you to experience training with us in real time and FEEL HOW WE WORK.

5 Days Of Fitness First is scaleable, no matter your fitness level. You have easy to follow “how to” videos for every move on your workout Google Sheet, along with our detailed coaching and support in our private Facebook group. The Facebook group is where you will post your exercise moves for us to fix your form, and hold you accountable at the same time. The 1:1 form correction you receive from BOTH Ashley and Lisa is invaluable. You're personally coached in our Facebook group- that’s where your body shift magic will happen.


Here’s the equipment list for our 5 days:

1.) 3 levels of dumbbell:

light, medium and heavy

2.) Flat bench

3.) Yoga mat

3.) Foam Roller

4.) YOU


Introduction Zoom: How this works, best practices for the next 5 days, what to expect, answer any questions.

Pre-Workout Zoom: COVER HOW TO BRACE YOUR CORE. We go through the 5 days of workouts so you feel ready and set.

Wrap Up Zoom: How you did and what we saw with your movements etc. Talk options to carry on your transformation.

Reset your body and mind and kick some ass.


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