Ashley Borden Training System



Q: Describe your training style:

A: Because we live in a world of computers, the majority of people I see have what I call “computer body”: forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, a weak core and turned off glutes. My system is focused on bringing the body back to its anatomically correct position, through the synergy of myofascial work (Rolling Out), comprehensive strength training, my SOS food plan and interval training. Read more about each of these things things by clicking on the links on the right. The system I teach will complement any other exercise or training program you are involved in.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I use select pieces of equipment from medicine balls, dumbbells and mini bands to barbells, stability balls and, of course, the most convenient piece of equipment: YOUR BODY! Visit the My Faves Page  for a more comprehensive list of my carefully vetted fitness tools.

Q: Can anyone train with you?

A: Absolutely, my work with each client is tailored to their body’s needs and personal goals. I train some clients year-round and some in preparation for specific events — from reunions and weddings to training camps, concert tours, films, red carpet events, etc.. I am based in Los Angeles but work with clients all over the world.

Q: What if I’m not in Los Angeles?

A: That’s why I created my Six Weeks to Sculpted DVD/ downloadable program and The Body Foundation DVD! And keep an eye on my YouTube channel, I’ll soon be adding full workout videos as well as in-depth training and lifestyle information.