SOS Food Plan


“You can’t outtrain shitty food choices. No matter how hard you work out, if your nutritional foundation isn’t good, all those sexy muscles will be hidden by a layer of fat.”

Q: What is the SOS Food Plan?

A: SOS stands for Satation of the Senses, meaning it’s not just about how food tastes, but also how it looks and feels. I believe this is very important in making meals satisfying. The SOS Food Plan is not a diet; It’s a flexible, realistic nutritional foundation for the rest of your life that will give you more energy, stop you from obesessing over food, and never leaves you feeling hungry.

Q: What does a typical SOS Food Plan meal look like?

A: Every meal has a combination of hot, cold, crunchy, and colorful food. All main meals have a healthy ratio of lean proteins, essential fats and carbs. Snacks are low calorie, and usually carbs paired with fats (such as a banana with almond butter) to keep your blood sugar from spiking.

Q: How many meals are there a day?

A: Your metabolism is like a fire stove, to keep it going you have to keep adding wood to the fire. That’s why the SOS Food plan prescribes five meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, an afternoon snack, and an evening snack.

Q: What about birthdays, holidays and special oscasions?

A: Did I mention the SOS Food Plan is flexible? Nobody can spend a life long without the occasional piece of pizza or cupcake. My plan allows for either one off day a week, or three off meals. During these you don’t have to pay any attention to portions, calories or nutritional value. My SOS food plan also gives you the tools to handle relationships, social events and holidays.

If you do “fall of the wagon” you just get back on after. A few days or even weeks of overeating are not a disaster in the big scheme of things. A healthy lifestyle is a matter of building habits one by one, and is a lifelong process.