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For almost a decade, Ashley Borden has partnered with exclusive and fitness-minded, 5-star resorts like the Four Seasons, St. Regis and The Resort at Pelican Hill to create her signature luxury fitness retreats -- which encompass everything from motivational and multiple daily workouts, to interactive nutrition and cooking demonstrations, to luxurious spa treatments and restorative nature hikes.

“The goal of my retreats is to offer clients a no-excuses fitness and food program – in a luxurious environment,” explains Borden. “Most often, ‘boot camps’ are about injury-inviting workouts, deprivation of food as well as fitness instructors who can intimidate participants. I don’t think this approach sticks with anyone once they leave that atmosphere. People need a more realistic, manageable way to establish new habits and understand how functional fitness changes your quality of life.”

Designed to inspire, teach and impart simple techniques that result in a more balanced lifestyle, Borden’s program helps participants make lasting lifestyle changes by listening to the body. On average, 15-20 guests enjoy a nurturing group atmosphere and utilize this intensive face time with Borden to create a permanent course for a healthier, daily life. After attending a retreat, guests enjoy inches lost and amazing body awareness. They learn how to adopt an improved lifestyle by developing new habits and changing old behaviors. Borden’s retreats are designed to nourish the body and soul through exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

For customization and convenience, Borden will work with individuals, celebrities or companies to create a tailored retreat experience. Participants may opt for a day retreat, overnight retreat, or longer, more extensive options.

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Four Seasons, St. Regis, Pelican Hill
Fitness Retreat Testimonials

"The Ashley Borden retreat at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico is just what I needed to jump start my workout routine. Ashley has a wonderfully engaging personality and is a fantastic trainer! Her vast knowledge is impressive and she does an amazing job of encouraging each person to work to the best of his/her ability. I came away feeling energized, healthy and rested. Ashley really motivated me to continue working out on a consistent schedule. I credit Ashley with getting me excited about working out and eating better. A terrific experience!"
Betsy L., Four Seasons Fitness Retreat Participant

"Like most busy people who have hectic schedules with their families and work, the first thing that falls off of the priority list seems to be taking care of ourselves. After reading about Ashley's retreat, I realized that this is what I needed to jump start my return to fitness, not to mention a much needed vacation without my family! I had such a fantastic time on the Retreat. The combination of being at the Four Seasons, getting tons of new NIKE stuff and working with Ashley was just what I needed to get myself into gear to start back on track with my fitness goals. I can't wait to return!"
Jodi L., Four Seasons Fitness Retreat Participant

"Ashley really has changed my life! The individualized tips she gave me have made a world of difference in my workouts! Ashley had a magical touch, not only with me, she even trained my dog and had an effect on my children! Ashley feels like an old friend you knew for years. She has a CRAZY ability to zero in on exactly the issues you are dealing with. All of her knowledge and enthusiasm is like a magnet that draws you in. I had a blast, bonded with my group and am looking forward to a reunion."
Freida S., Four Seasons Fitness Retreat Participant

"Working with Ashley has been inspiring and life-changing for me! Her love, support and practical suggestions during the Balanced Wellness program at Pelican Hill Resort helped me to make big changes in my diet and lifestyle. I'm now becoming a certified wellness coach so I can help other people and even started my own company. I give Ashley full credit as my mentor that has made this dream become a reality!"
Landry F., Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant

"Where do I begin!? What an excellent opportunity offered in the Balanced Wellness Program....we walked away with a changed outlook on how to live a healthy life. When i signed up for this program with my daughter and niece i wasn't sure what to expect. Being 50 and not in the best shape, i was worried it might be a "bootcamp" type program. I needn't have worried. You have such a special way of teaching that you got on each and every one's fitness levels and brought out the best we had to offer."
Madonna S., Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant

"First of all thank you for an amazing weekend of health, fitness and top-notch instruction; what an experience! On all levels it was so beneficial for peter and I and a refreshing break from our hectic schedules. We are also happy to report that all of the H20 has brought his blood pressure down which is wonderful. Thanks again Ashley!"
Carrolynne and Peter B., Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant

"I so enjoyed my stay at Pelican Hill and participating in the Balanced Wellness Program. I have returned home with an abundance of knowledge and most importantly, the confidence that what I am doing is correct and the best for me. Thanks to you and Ashley for having the heart to create such an inspirational program that shows that exercising and eating right can have a profound effect on your life."
Barbara P., Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant

"Thank you again for all your guidance and expertise. (My husband) and had a wonderful time and have already implemented several changes in our lifestyle. We will be in touch soon to have you to our house to plan our workout area."
Karen D., Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant

"My wife and I just participated in Ashley Borden’s Balanced Wellness Program at Pelican Hill resort. What a wonderful experience… everything was first class. The retreat combines fitness, food education, and rejuvenation in an amazing setting – Pelican Hill Resort. Since returning home, we have followed Ashley’s plan for the last 4 weeks, and the results have been amazing. We are both sleeping better, have tons of energy, and we feel great. We are in our mid 40’s and we feel like we did 15 years ago. Thank you Ashley, keep up the great work."
Brian & Kathy, Pelican Hill Fitness Retreat Participant
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