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PB Elite Molded Foam Rollers
A black foam roller is the starting place for most people when Rolling Out.
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Gymnic Multi-Purpose Fitness Ball
2.2 lb weighted ball (non-latex) The perfect height and density for psoas release and rolling out chest and glutes. A key massage tool in my gym bag!
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Rumble Roller
The Rolls-Royce of rollers! The bumpy surface gives you a deeper massage. I recommend starting with blue then graduating to black when you need even more "trigger point" pressure.
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Rumble Roller
The black Rumble Roller is 28% harder, giving an even deeper massage.
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Another mid-hard density surface can be used use for glute rolling out, chest massage and psoas release.
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Lacrosse Balls
After years of trial and error, I have found a lacrosse ball hits trigger points with pin point accuracy.
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Stretch Strap
I have been using my stretch strap for years! The multiple loops help with grip and foot placement when stretching. Quite durable and versatile. Works for the most unlimber body, to the yoga expert.
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From 1 to 15 lbs., these dumbbells are used for a variety of warm-ups and workout circuits.
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(one of my secret weapons!)

Activate your hips and glutes with these little killer bands. A must have for any type of warm up.
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Nalgene Bottle
Most efficient and hygienic bottle. Drinking 32ounces has never been so easy. My favorite bottle!
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Spri Cord
Excellent durability and heavier resistance for stronger tubing exercises. Spri Cord is a staple in my gym bag.
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Bellicon Rebounder

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Yoga Mat
The Manduka yoga mat has superior cushioning and grip on just about any surface. The longevity and minimal breakdown of the mat makes a Manduka well worth the investment!
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Body Bar
I use the 6lb-8lb bar for spinal alignment cuing during movements like split squats, RDL's, side lunges and overhead squats.
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Bosu Pro Trainer
The "both sides up" concept of the Bosu is perfect for cardio blasts, stability training and core work.
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Medium Reisitance Bands
Resistance bands offer a multitude of exercises in the gym or on the go. These bands offer a comfortable grip and resistance from 3lbs-12lbs.
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Elite Medicine Ball
Medicine Balls are made of a textured rubber shell and are filled with air. These are our strongest, most durable medicine balls available.
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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells & Rack
Your answer to a full rack of dumbbells, taking up minimal space and it sports a sleek, functional design.
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Polar Heart-Rate Monitor (Mens)
I like Polar's longevity, and non-cross talk monitors that prevent mix up on the machines at the gym. You also get an exercise diary in this water-resistant watch.
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Polar Heart-Rate Monitor (Womens)
I like that Polar tells me calories burned and if I'm improving my fitness. Plus the women's bands are made for smaller wrists and include an easy to read display.
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Medicine Balls

These are great for developing explosive core power and ideal if you don't want the ball to bounce.
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Gulick Tape Measure
Track you progress with accurate body measurements. Seeing your inches reduce or increase will give you an accurate story of where you are losing body fat and where you are building muscle. I measure my clients every 2 weeks.
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LOVE this vest! It adds a kick of calorie burn and equally distributes an additional 10lbs to your frame. Unisex & machine washable.
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Training Ropes
If you want to feel what total body strength and massive exertion feels like... invest in this powerful tool! The ropes give a huge cardio/calorie blast and can be used in a gym, outdoors, or at home.
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Stability Ball
Always a key tool to use in your home gym. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE CORRECT cm FOR YOUR HEIGHT!
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All Purpose Bands
A MUST HAVE for any gym bag, home or club. Extremely strong and durable. Two 56" heavy-duty bands connected to a 10" loop.
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Amazing tool for improving your pull ups (all levels), activate your hips or give yourself resistance with squats or lunges! Select your resistance using the chart provided in the link.
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The Pro Stretch gives you the calf stretch you never knew was possible. Alleviate pain and help mobility during training.
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Kleen Kanteen
One of my faves because it has a functional wide mouth and no funky flavor– the construction will not hide icky bacteria.
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A staple in my gym bag! The TRX is an incredible, easy to attach suspension system. Use your own body weight to develop core and full body strength. Indoor/outdoor use.
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